Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops

Create your atmosphere with Atmosphere Backdrops

Wide Range of Textures

Each Backdrop can be personalized.


We use the best materials in the creation of ours photographic backgrounds, 440gr 100% cotton with several layers of treatment that makes them more solid and durable while giving them flexibility and preventing wrinkles.

All our photographic backgrounds are hand painted, which makes them unique and unrepeatable. That is because we use a wide variety of techniques to create extraordinary atmospheres.

Treatment with the client is individualized, we will work together all the time.

You can also send us an idea or a detail and we will study it to achieve what you need.


Cree su atmósfera con fondos Atmosphere

Cree su atmósfera con fondos Atmosphere

Cree su atmósfera con fondos Atmosphere

Cree su atmósfera con fondos Atmosphere

Cree su atmósfera con fondos Atmosphere


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Looking for a different measure? A custom backdrop that satisfy your needs?

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The atmosphere I want to create in my work comes as a result of the light, the look and attitude of the person who will be photographed, and of course the staging. So the design of the set has a relevant role.
The backdrops made by Atmosphere have the subtlety I’m looking for. The nuances of color and textures are carefully created. Without a doubt, is a very important thing in my pictures.

Asier Gómez. Fotógrafo


I am very happy with the background, the color gives me the versatility I needed and on the other hand it has the necessary rigidity, it does not have the wrinkles that are created with other fabric backgrounds and it holds up well.

Arturo Sutter


With the hand-painted backgrounds of Atmosphere Backdrops I can achieve exceptional environments and take my photographs to another level.

Manuel Carranza


I told her how I wanted the background and with what shades and Diana nailed it. It is perfect for what I want, I love how the background looks in my photography sessions. I am super happy!

Javier Granda


Atmosphere Backdrops give me the texture and color I need to get atmosphere in my photos.

Sergio López


These backgrounds add a quality bonus to the photos. They allow you to forget about the background to focus on the subject, you know that the scene will always turn out well.

Javier Bárcena