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Backdrop/F offers the same results as a Backdrop but with a much lower weight that makes it lighter and easier to transport. It allows much more movement and you can even wrinkle or fold it to achieve more artistic and plastic results.

Backdrop/F is translucent if projected with a backlight, but when working with a front light, you will get results similar to a heavy Backdrop.

                     It will be your perfect complement

 Small – 110€  /  Medium – 180€  /  Big 1 – 250€  /  Big 2 – 370€  / Extra Big – 450€

Any color from the catalogue


”For the purchase of a Backdrop of 210x300cm or 300x300cm, acquire for 55€ more, a ‘Backdrop/F


These Backdrops are intended for projects that require other needs.

Backgrounds that are inspired by nature and that will give a unique result to your projects.

Does it inspire you? 

Tell us what you need and we will prepare it.

This range of backdrops is made on-demand and customized.

The measurements of these hand-painted backgrounds will not exceed 2m on each side.

The maximum fee is €560 (Free transport in Peninsular Spain. VAT included)


At Atmosphere we have a unique product range of backdrops.

These backgrounds are worked in more detail with more marked textures.

Your products will stand out in more detail with our special backgrounds. 


– Plywood fenólico (wood)

Minimum sizes: 75x75x1 cm

From 90€

– Cotton fabric 100%

Minimum sizes: 70×70 cm

From 65€

(Other sizes consult us)

”All product backgrounds are washable”

If you are interested in our Art Works or Product backgrounds, send us a message through the contact form.

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  • All sales are final, non-refundable, and non-returnable.
  • Shipping costs included for mainland Spain. Other destinations, consult us.
  • Delivery time: 8 to 14 days.
  • Our rates include 21% VAT.


  • The backdrops are shipped rolled and protected in PVC tubes.
  • The colors displayed may vary depending on the device it is played on.
  • Considering the variety of techniques, all backdrops are unique.